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Crossing The Border

If this is your first time crossing into Canada, or if it's been a while, the information below will be helpful to know.  

Canadian Immigration WILL turn you away at the border for non-compliance, so please read carefully.

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What is required to travel across the US-Canada border?


Information is provided on the following web sites:

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA):


US Customs & Border Protection (CBP):

Canadian Border Crossing Services:

Office (204) 488-6350

Fax (204)975-0394


You must have a valid passport or passport card to cross the border.

Customs Officers have the power to turn you away from crossing the border. Traveling without the proper documents may ruin your stay!  


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We are a catch-and-release lodge, so we recommend you get a conservation fishing license on-line at:

Tobacco and Alcohol:

200 cigarettes (1 carton), 50 cigars or 14 oz tobacco. You must be 18 years of age.

1.1 liters or 40 imperial ounces of liquor or wine, OR 24 12 ounce (1 case) bottles or cans of beer. You must be of legal drinking age in Ontario.

Note:  If you have had a DWI within the last 10 years, Canadian border patrol will not allow you into Canada and you will be turned away at the border.

Nestor Falls Fly-In Telephone number:  807 484 2345

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