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What to expect

It's Canadian fishing at its finest.  Enjoy beautiful views, monster fish, and a first-class experience at the lodge during your visit to the

Hook 'n Horn.  Outfitted with everything you need to land the big one, Hook 'n Horn staff pride themselves on taking care of their guests, and making your trip a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure.



Rowan lake is approximately 77,000 acres, dotted with over 60 islands.  The lake structure, clear water, plentiful bait fish and vegetation supports an abundance of healthy world class trophy Musky, Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern and Bass.  Rowan lake offers open water and protection by islands and shoreline for all day fishing even on the windiest days.


  • Brand New Main Lodge Completed in 2022

  • Rain gear, fishing rods and tackle available if you don’t have your own

  • New, Upgraded cabins

  • Indoor plumbing including toilets and showers

  • Rooms cleaned daily

  • Fresh cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and supper

  • New 25 foot G3 boats with 50HP motors

  • New 18 foot Yamaha G3 boats with 50hp Yamaha motors

  • Amazing fishing for musky, lake trout, walleye, northern pike, large/small mouth bass.



  • Weather-appropriate base layer clothing                                                       

  • Lightweight Rain gear during the summer months is recommended - Heavyweight Rain Gear for fall is supplied/available

  • Your Rods and Tackle, however, species-specific rods and tackle is available for use (Musky, Trout)


  • Toiletries - basics are supplied


  • Solid, waterproof/water-resistant shoes/boots - plan for rain, pray for sun :)

  • Anything special you might need for sleeping, such as a C-Pap machine 

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